Sage & Sulphur Restores Gray Hair to Natural Color 1814-1913

Advertising provides a window into the social expectations of times gone by. Advertisements from the past relay the"little" daily needs and wants of generations now but faint memories. The Ancient Egyptians and the Romans dyed their hair, and so did, evidently, Prince Georgeans. Marylanders, and citizens of the District of Columbia.   An advertisement in [...]

Wassail & Eggnog Recipes – The Sunday Star December 31, 1905

An "extravagant" southern-style eggnog recipe found in The Sunday Star, a Washington DC newspaper, published December 31, 1905. Beat the whites and yolks of 18 fresh eggs separately, the whites in a large bowl until both are as light as possible.  While beating the yolks stir in with them 18 tablespoons of pulverized sugar.  Take [...]

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