Prince George’s County was established in 1696, Named for Prince George of Denmark, husband of Princess Anne, heir to the British throne.

  • Originally extended from the Charles County line to the Pennsylvania border.
  • Carried on tobacco trade from ports on the Potomac and Patuxent.
  • Has more than 325 designated Historic Sites, 73 individual National Register properties, and eleven National Register Historic Districts.
  • Was home to John Carroll, the first Catholic bishop in the United States, and to Thomas John Claggett, the fifth Episcopal bishop (but the first consecrated on American soil) in the United States.
  • Has the oldest continuously operating airport in the world (College Park).
  • Has one of the first experimental planned communities in the country (Greenbelt).
  • Was the cradle of thoroughbred racing and produced two Triple Crown winners (Gallant Fox and Omaha from Belair Stables in Bowie).
  • Known as the most affluent and successful majority-black county in the United States.
  • Grew from a rural tobacco-producing county of 30,000 in l900 to an advanced technology population of over 800,000 today.

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  • Laurel Station on the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad (B&O)
  • Marietta-home of Gabriel Duvall
  • Daniel Carroll 1730-1796 (One of the signers of the Constitution)