“LYNCHING OF A FIREBUG” The Evening Star, December 3, 1889

LYNCHING OF A FIREBUG. — Joe Vermillion Strung Up at upper Marlboro'. — LONG STORY OF A NEIGHBORHOOD FEUD. — Special Dispatch to THE EVENING STAR.                                     UPPER MARLBORO', Dec. 3. This morning, at half-past 2 o'clock, Judge Lynch visited our town, and although the party he was after (Jos Vermillion) was in the [...]

St. George’s Day at Epiphany Church in Forestville, Maryland

Epiphany Episcopal Church http://www.epiphanyforestville.org/   This year we will celebrate St. George’s Day at Epiphany Episcopal Church in Forestville.  This is the first time that the Historical Society has visited this lovely historic church, and it promises to be a very special occasion. Epiphany Episcopal Church is a fine example of Gothic Revival [...]

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