“No person is so superficial as not to see that, whether we will or not, the Negro has come to stay.” February 1880, Washington, DC

Encouraging Words.[1] No person is so superficial as not to see that, whether we will or not, the Negro has come to stay.  He is becoming even more and more an element in the sum of those experiences which we call our national life. The Negro has our language, dress, civil customs, religion, domestic and [...]

Rescheduled to April 14th: The Burroughs Diaries & the Secretary Desk

The Burroughs Diaries & the Secretary Desk April 14 @ 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm | $5.00 Event Navigation A lecture presented by Marietta House Museum & Prince George’s County Historical Society  RESCHEDULED  to April 14th from January 28th due to snow  Please join Historian Susan Pearl, and Art Historian Lynn Roberts, Thursday, April 14th, [...]

Snow Comes to andTravel Stops in Prince George’s County – 1888

In Prince George's County, joining the District, the storm raged yesterday with great severity. The road leading to Marlboro was so blockaded by the snow that traveling was stopped. About Bladensburg the county roads were absolutely unsurpassable for vehicles. They were covered with prostrate trees and telegraph poles, and completely blocked up with snowdrifts  {The [...]

Recipe for a Cheesecake from poetical Mississippi, February1900

  Having made a simple lemon zest-cheesecake this weekend, we think a recipe from history is in order. Though not from Prince George's County, we find this one poetic: Recipe for a Cheesecake.   If you want to make A splendid cheesecake,             And one all tastes to please. Your cook hereby pronounces You need butter [...]

Wm. Turpin Describes Highway Travel in January 1916 Maryland & Virginia

William B. Turpin, Washington, D. C., Business Man, Writes Reminiscent Letter to Portlander.[1] (Excerpts of a letter received by a Portlander last week from William B. Turpin, a business man residing in Washington, D. C,) I want to thank you for the very handsome book of the new highway along the Columbia River.  I wish [...]

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