Having made a simple lemon zest-cheesecake this weekend, we think a recipe from history is in order. Though not from Prince George’s County, we find this one poetic:

Recipe for a Cheesecake.


If you want to make

A splendid cheesecake,

            And one all tastes to please.

Your cook hereby pronounces

You need butter — two ounces

            And double that amount of cheese.

Put ’em into a basin and beat ’em together

Until they are quite as light as a feather.

A sprinkle of currants, little salt, and puff-paste.

Two eggs — then sugar and flavor to taste.

When all of these have togehter been beaten,

In a quick oven bake it, then let it be eaten.


–Allt Sloper[1]



[1] The Biloxi Herald. 02-18-1900. Page [3]. Biloxi, Mississippi