Piscataway, Maryland: a Travelogue – September 1842 – Everyone’s a Critic

[Correspondence of the Baltimore Sun.] Port Tobacco, Charles co., Md., September, 1842   Piscataway is a gloomy and forlorn looking village of Prince George's county, and is situated on Piscataway Creek, about eight miles above its mouth, and distant by water communication about twelve miles from Alexandria, and by land eight - it is distant [...]

“Probably All Overcome by Heat” in August 1900.

  "Probably All Overcome by Heat" in August 1900.             Thomas Cook, forty years old, of Upper Marlboro, Md., was overcome by the heat on the street this morning. The police of the first precinct book, him to the Emergency Hospital for treatment. Frank Toy, seventy years old, whose home is at Lehigh, Pa., became [...]

News from Upper Marlboro August 2nd 1890

125 years ago, The Sun newspaper reported the following tidbits of local interest: Bosny Fleet, colored, who is charged with illegal voting last fall, was captured yesterday and lodged in the upper Marlboro' jail. A frame building adjoining the Gazette office and Upper Marlboro' caught fire yesterday. The flames were extinguished by the town fire [...]

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