Welcome to our new Prince George’s County Historical Society website. After more than a year we are live and ready to provide information about the history, heritage and culture of our County and the region.

We are getting ready to co-host with our partner, Prince George’s Maryland National Capitol Park and Planning Commission, the annual Preservation reception. This year’s event will be held on May 20th at the College Park aviation museum.

We are excited to be entertaining a proposal to underwrite three, student-created YouTube videos on the History of the Rhode Island Avenue Trolley, the Town North Brentwood, and the Van Horne-Mitchell House from Plantation to the Nation of Islam.

The Prince George’s County Historical Society will be having a September fund raiser at one of our privately owned historic homes. Details will be coming soon.

And, finally, our DeMarr Library is open on Saturdays or by appointment for both serious and causal students of History. Come and see what we have to offer.

Come and join us as we bring history to life.

John J. Petro, President