Sculptor Joanna Blake was killed in a tragic accident while vacationing in Italy on May 22, 2016, her 39th birthday.


Joanna, beloved by everyone who knew her possessed an extraordinary and irreplaceable artistic talent. She designed and sculpted the Bladensburg Memorial for the Bicentennial of the Battle of Bladensburg. Dedicated on August 23, 2014. It was her first major commission. The Aman Memorial Trust selected her to work on the monument in 2010. It was a decision the members of the Trust never regretted. She enthusiastically began designing the concept for “Undaunted in Battle”, the title of the monument. Although the Battle was lost by the American forces, she wanted to show there was a heroic effort, led by Commodore Joshua Barney and the U.S. Marines and Navy Flotillamen. In spite of many hurdles, Joanna completed the project and was recognized and praised for her exceptional skill. The monument serves as a tribute to all the soldiers, sailors and marines who fought and died at Bladensburg that day.


In addition to her amazing talent, she had a wonderful and endearing personality. Intelligent and  articulate, she lvied and worked as a conscientious hard working artist. She was a friend, able to

understand abstract concepts like patriotism, racial sensitivities and liberty and then translate

them into the hard reality of bronze.


She is and shall be missed by everyone who knew her.


John A. Giannetti, Chairman

Aman Memorial Trust