Members of PGCHS Board and friends,

As you know, the PGCHS made a financial contribution to mounting the
exhibit of the Stier-Peeters family painting collection that opened at
Riversdale this past April, and will close on October 23. Each
organization that contributed to making this the exhibit possible was
invited to see the exhibit free of charge on a specific date – our
Historical Society was invited to Riversdale specifically on Sunday
afternoon, September 11. No-one from the Historical Society came to
Riversdale on that date. I was giving tours at Riversdale today, and
was asked why no-one came on September 11, and I had to tell them that I
did not know of that invitation, and that as far as I knew no-one on the
Board and the membership had been informed of the information. I do not
know why.

Staff at Riversdale offered one more possible date, when PGCHS members
may visit the exhibit free of charge, individually or in groups – Sunday
afternoon, October 9, between noon and 3:30 p.m. I’m sorry that the
September date was not made known to the membership, but hope that
members and staff will take advantage of this additional invitation and
visit the exhibit on October 9 just two weeks before the exhibit
closes. I’ll hope to see you there!
Please RSVP either to Riversdale (301-864-0420) or

or to Susan Pearl (301-262-3367) or      susan.pearl ‘at’